ostrich boa waterfall fan

At Hot Fans, we offer the largest collection of waterfall fans that are made from soft ostrich boas. The company takes pride in presenting these fans that are available in varied designs and colors. These fans can be opened to make them large but can be bent to make them look small. With bright colors and material which feels soft and fleecy, you will have the opportunity to flaunt the Waterfall fan as a designer item. Moreover, the options of colors that range from light to dark shades, the fans have a glory of their own. If you want a specific color or a design, you can call us to place your order and our workers will be more than pleased to create designs according to the specifications of the clients.

Flow of bright colors

These fans look similar to waterfalls that come down with force and this theme has been taken by our designers to create the best fan ever. With the Waterfall fan that has been designed by our expert team, you will have the option to choose from varied range of colors and shades. There are pastel shades of orange and yellow and bright colors such as yellow and red. Moreover, you can ask for fans that have a different color at the tip which lends it a completely different look. We offer assembled products for the clients and each order is prepared according to the requirements of the clients.

Things to know

Our clients have placed their trust on our products and we have come a long way with a wide range of designer fans. Just like a Waterfall fan which is soft to feel and have different layers and made from ostrich boa, there are different options from which you have to make a choice. Laden with some of the most beautiful shades that make these fans even more beautiful and striking, the fashion element of this fan adds a zing to it.