Fan staves

Hot Fans would like to introduce you a gorgeous accessory used for D.I.Y feather fan making for Fan Dances, Burlesque Feather Fans, Home Decor Accents, and for making Costume Accessories. Our acrylic staves kits are used by many designers and professional dance performers around the world, they are extremely easy to assemble and create. Our Clear acrylic fan staves are very strong, not easily broken. Create lovely feather fans to set the atmosphere and ambiance of elegance in any performance or setting! 

Burlesque-style feather fans can be expensive to buy. Thankfully, you can make your own at home with a few supplies and a little spare time. Hot Fans helps you spend less money on higher quality feather fan staves. Fix together our high-quality acrylic fan staves to create stylish, beautiful and impressive costume fans. If you bought a fan, your   feather fan kit comes with the feathers and a hardware assembly kit. One set of professional stage quality acrylic feather fan staves and hardware Assembly Kit includes staves, screws, washers, wire and string; feathers are not included. The control switch attached with the Fan staves makes them extremely easy to be handled by anyone. Be sure to purchase 2 sets to make 2 fans, one right and one left. Look no further for the best fan staves for sale. Make your own feather fans in a fun and fashionable way!

Don’t know how to create feather fans on your own? Contact us anytime to discuss the look, color or size of the custom fan you’ll be creating. Not only we produced clear acrylic feather fan staves, according to your design, drawing or sample available, but also help you create your dream feather fan. We have everything to provide you and will try our best to help you create a stunning feather fan.