Beige 20 plys Luxury Ostrich Feather Boa fluffy Long 71" (180 cm)

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Beige 20 plys Luxury Ostrich Feather Boa fluffy Long 71" (180 cm)

If you love to party like a roaring twenties flapper, nothing can be more glamorous than wearing a stunning ostrich feather boa. These boas are one-of-a-kind and enough to change the look of your garment. Wearing a boa turns an ordinary dress into a stylish party dress that looks stunning. Our luxurious and fluffy boas are highly sought after and perfect for themed party events. Enjoy the unique pleasure of wrapping a fluffy feather boa around your neck! Whether you’re looking for something very fancy or trying to stick to a theme, we have the one to fit your needs. The lightweight boas do not weigh the boa down and are expectedly dyed to match any color of your choice. Currently, we have some enticing color options that are sure to match or augment your wardrobe. We specialize in creating brightly colored boas that are robust in construction. It’s amazing to experience the gentle kiss of ostrich feathers that are delicate to touch. All our feather boas are incredibly fluffy and look truly impressive. We’re supplying the ostrich boas at wholesale prices. So, buying from us won’t hit it hard on your pocket. The brand-new, high quality boas hold up great to wear and tear and are durable also. Add flair to your outfit with our exquisite ostrich boas and steal the show! Make a style statement in bachelorette parties, costume dance, Masquerade parties, celebration of 20’s and more. Hope you enjoy our gorgeous boas as much as we enjoy creating these for you!

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